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Business & Education Partnership


The Business & Education Partnership is a collaborative school-to-work initiative promoting career awareness, exploration, and preparation for students from Bettendorf and Pleasant Valley school districts.


To strengthen student preparation for citizenship and work by developing active and mutually beneficial alliances that unify educators, community members, and business partners in an environment that links learning to life.


Board Members

Robert Gallagher - Gallagher, Millage, Gallagher, LLC
Kevin O'Hara - Arthur J. Gallagher Insurance
Daniel Marvin - Eastern Iowa Community College District
Larry Makoben - IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union
Laurie Peters - Ruhl Commercial
Mike Zimmer - Pleasant Valley High School
Steve Sorenson - Strategy in Progress
Tammy Chelf - Business Education Partnership
Dr. James Spelhaug - Pleasant Valley Community School District
Dr. Theron Schutte - Bettendorf Community School District
Jimmy Casas - Bettendorf High School

Contact Information

Tammy Chelf
438 16th Street
Bettendorf, IA 52722
563-359-9375 (w)
536-529-7925 (c)

Calendar of Events

All board meetings are scheduled from 4:00-5:00 PM
Spt. 17th - Bettendorf Administration Center, 3311 18th Street
Nov. 12th - Pleasant Valley Administration Center, 525 Belmont
Feb. 11th - Bettendorf Administration Center
April 8th - Pleasant Valley Administration Center
June 10th - Bettendorf Administration Center

Directed Observations: Tues., Wed., Thurs.
Oct. 2nd - Nov. 1st